Welcome day at Dom Aktera – Saint Petersburg – 17th Europe Theatre Prize

Press Conference 17th edition of Europe Theatre Prize – St Petersburg

Alice directed by Andrey Moguchy – 17th Europe Theatre Prize Saint Petersburg

AICT-IATC Conference “Performing Arts: Freedom and (in)tolerance”, and Thalia Prize

Meeting about and with Tiago Rodrigues

Conference with Lev Dodin

Burning the Flag – work in progress by Tiago Rodrigues

The Governor by Andrey Moguchy

PUZ/ZLE by Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui – Eastman

Meeting about and with Jan Klata

Meeting about Nuria Espert

Schweik The Comeback by Valery Fokin

The Storm by Andrey Moguchy

Limits event/Extracts by Cirkus Cirkör

Meeting with Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui

Meeting about Cirkus Cirkör with Tilde Björfors

Conversation with Andrey Moguchy

Sopro by Tiago Rodrigues

An Enemy of the People by Jan Klata

Conversation with Valery Fokin

Awarding Ceremony

Masquerade Remembrance of the Future by Valery Fokin